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under.s. attack this morning. diplomatsn to protect overseas >> . special bid bonn planned for an american hero. bye.cial good >>>> live and in hd, this is "gd morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. s thursday, september 13. glad you are starting your day with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to get to meteorologist .acqui jeras tot t s meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> we are looking at fifties the moste board for part. n dulles. 63 degrees at reagan national airport. our express forecast, looking for sunny skies, 66 degrees at 9:00, sunny and nuys, 74 degrees by noon. you have to have lunch outside. 82 degrees at 5:00. seven-day forecast in a while. first, angela has a look at traffic. good morning. easy drive for most folks. around the beltway, traveling in between greenbelt and park, it was down to one lane. the crew has just gotten out of the way. open in both directions on the inner loop and .uter loop in virginia, northbound 95 open betweenng freely garrissonville and springfield. 395 work zone has lifted between the beltway lo
an attack that killed four americans at the u.s. embassy in libya. good morning washington. tds friday, september 14. i'm cynne simpson. >> let's get a check on the forecast. >> good morning. it is friday and we're looking at mainly clear skies but some clouds rolling in mainly this afternoon all part of a cold front, a weak cold front that will bring up the chance for a few sprinkles. 65 at reagan national airport. about 10 degrees cooler at dulles. 52 in manassas. michigan, indiana, yill, this is the cold front that is going move our way later on today. here is our futurecast. daytime highs hover around the 80-degree mark. chances for some sprinkles yet another cooldown in the extended outoutlook. first, a check of traffic. >> there are a few work zones that are still active. the good news is on the interloop, we're already cleared. all lanes are open and we're in the processoring up the cones on the outer loop lane. we're up to four lanes now. overnight construction gone but of course we still have that new traffic pat western one lane to the left.
. with the veryive latest. this hour there is cairo where are trying to push u.s. embassy. meanwhile marines and warships heading toward libya in the of these killings. the attack tuesday night at the u.s. consulate in libya involved 20 well armed men who overwhelmed security forces. believed a fire the death ofo -- diplomatsf including chris stevens. nevada, president obama praised those who .acrificed their lives >> we want to send a message around the world, anybody who do us harm, no acts of will dim the light of the values we proudly shine on the the world and no act of violence will shake the resolve states of america. >> paul ryan tonight in ohio. our hearts are heavy and thoughts and prayers go with today.tims to pray for them when we get home. some suggest the attack was related to a video, others say executed possibly by al qaeda. riot police are keeping as far as they can from the u.s. embassy in cairo. there are reports of protesters slogans.anti-american >> there are reports of injuries to clashes near the u.s. embassy. >> we have more details for you on ambassador christopher s
chenevey. letson good morning 2 adam caskey for the forecast. >> we have a few upper 40's, but we generally in the low to mid '50's. 50 degrees at dulles airport and gaithersburg. martinsburg, 49. mostly sunny today. for the high temperature. most of us will be in the low 80's this afternoon, beautiful. baby blue skies. with low humidity and through the weekend. most sunny and that's today and the weekend. a brief sprinkle on saturday and again.ext week now to steve or angela. welcome back, angela. >> thank you. good morning. getting ready to start the work work zoneslot of being picked up around the beltway. starting in maryland on 270, no between frederick kempe the beltway. the b-w parkway and about 50 looking pretty good in maryland. 395 at glebe road in virginia looking good. no act of war zones northbound southbound, through the mixing bowl of. spots on the beltway in , still active. a couple of lines tied up, but traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a death investigation forcing authorities to remove several a bethesda home. one of the dogs is dead. drive.s on corsic
-pressure is slowly going to to the look at what's happening in the plane's. air will be shifting way. 80's will be back in the forecast. here's your expense forecast. 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m., sunny and 74 at noon, 82 degrees around the drive time. another picture perfect day. thunderstorms will be back in the forecast up. your seven-day in a few minutes. first, traffic with angela. >> thank you up. good morning, everyone. looking pretty good. checking or drive times on the beltway in maryland. if you are starting around 50 your voice southbound the inner loop it will take to the woodrow wilson bridge. relatively light on the outer loop from the woodrow wilson to 50, 19 minutes. open at dale city. 15 minutes from dale city to the on 95. beltway it's a good morning again to .ou students going back to class capitol heights this morning without a classmate. 18-year-old marckel ross was while walking to central high school yesterday morning. gonzalez has the latest on the investigation. this central high school was half way to school when he was gunned down. figure outtrying to targeted. prince
. captioned by the national captioning institute >> straight ahead, more violence on u.s. embassies overseas as to warships had toward the coast of libya. good morning -- it is thursday, september 13. i am cynnÉ simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. steve ruan is with us this morning for the forecast. >> lots of sunshine is on the way later this afternoon. temperatures outside are a cold start as you head out the door. $53. reagan and national airport at 63 degrees. satellite and radar, not a cloud in the sky. a great indication of what is on the way later today. middle 70's at noon with lots of sunshine mostly sunny by 5:00. temperatures will be in the 80's. we have a cold front on the way. it may bring some showers. first, here is angela foster with traffic. >> we are looking at a pretty good start. back to speak at the woodrow wilson bridge. traffic is slow for the most -- clear for the most part. we are now moving quite well. heading into maryland on the outer loop. in maryland, if you are traveling on the beltway between greenbelt and college park, we still have a clothe
department officer in an attack on u.s. consulate in libya. one of two people who were shot armed men who stormed the consulate. point, we have few other details. when we learn more, we will bring it to you. on to another big story of the day. the11th anniversary of attacks. 11 services were held in our marking the day that al qaeda hijacked commercial them intond flew national landmarks. >> family and loved ones .athered live outside the pentagon with earlier todayice and this evening. >> a changed nation paused in thousands off the lost on september 11. 184 here at the pentagon. a local university also paused remember. >> 11 years after the attacks, of you areny here to join in our commemoration. >> hundreds of george washington university students likely thewhat was youngt day of their lives. see the smoke the pentagon. >> 11 years ago, a series of terrorist attacks started the horizon and our hearts. never forget what happened that day. >> students and faculty paid theire to those who lost lives, including nine george washington alumni. >> andrew k friedman, a graduate of the colombia
the u.s. benghazi overnight . ambassadorhe u.s and three other americans. john gonzalez is following the latest. >> the president ordered an increase in security at american diplomatic posts around a worl unrest in the middle east deadly.and now turns u.s. embassies in arab world are under attack. benghazi, the u.s. ambassador chris stevens, and three other afterans have been killed mob attacked and set fire u.s. consulate, firing grenades,d outnumbering libyan security forces if. cairo, egypt, anti-american demonstrators scaled the walls flag toed american after pulling it down. >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. the protesters in both countries appear to be angry film produceddget the states by an israeli that they claim insults' the profit muhammed. is being promoted by the likes of a pastor terry, who attempted to burn a karan in 2012. he says it is not designed to attack muslims but to show the destructive ideology of islam. happen in a this that we helped to in a city that we destruction?from >> a
on all three indices on thursday, following that announcement. the dow and s&p 500 hit three-year highs, and the nasdq posted a nearly 12-year high. stocks continued to rise on friday, and gm rose 10%, chchrysler, climbing 14%, compad to earthquake related supply disruptions last year. all of those companies came in ahead of expectations andhe annual sales rate in the u.s. now stands at 14.5 million cars. it is an extraordinarily busy and important week from the jobs numbers to the ecb plan. but there are plenty of other things to pay attention to, as well. joining me is the chief investment strategist, russ koesterich. thank you for joining us. >>> thank you. >> 96,000 jobs created, fewer than the market expected, but the unemployment rate did fall to 8.1%. what is your take on the numbers and the economy? >> unfortunately, it was a bad report on several fronts, even the drop in the unemployment rate was negative. i'll explain why in a moment. so you're below expectatitions job creation, the sharp slowdown from the rate in july. we're seeing the wes slow down. again, thi is a challenge
. it is not clear if this attack was linked to the anti-muslim film. they have been returned to u.s. soil during a ceremony at joint base andrews. president obama and hillary clinton voiced their commercial words for christopher stephens in the three others who were killed at a bombing in the u.s. consulate in libya. protesters take aim at american embassies. autria godfrey has the latest. >> attempting to stop the rage, and egyptian officials denounced it deaths of the four americans who were welcomed home today to grieving families and leaders. ♪ a heartbreaking homecoming. the four caskets were carried off the condo plane this happening. they were welcomed by their morning families. >> they knew the danger. they did not simply increase the american ideal, they lifted. >> the lives were honored by a president proud of their sacrifice. the secretary of state remembered a friend. >> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. he won friends in for fun -- in far places. >> it has been four days. there have been all of riots. the anti-american sentiment reached on in cairo. in the capital of
. these assaults were not as severe as t.c.'s. he has undergone four brain surgery. his wife said, this senseless act has left a mark on our lives. the recovery will be long arduous, and uncertain. he has suffered in unthinkable ways as a result of the actions of these men. she expects to release more information tomorrow morning after their arraignment. reporting live, autria godfrey. >> good to see some progress, at least. we are falling breaking news from ocean city, maryland. a major fire broke out in a condominium near the intersection of coastal highway and 37 straight. officials say at least three families have been displaced. it is not clear what caused the fire. we are monitoring tonight from the district where police are searching for a thief. it happened at the intersection of 19th street and l street. a gun went off during the robbery but no one was hit. a man was assaulted by not brutally hard. the attacker -- prettily hurt. the attacker is on the loose. a family found dead a little more than 204 hours ago. albert peterson shot and killed his wife and their teenage sons before taking
was not seriously injured. unfortunately, the suspect s on the run. we are live in montgomery county. >> thank you. an emotional appeal by a mother wasn honor student who murdered inside her bedroom. mother asked her daughter's killer to come forward. was at a community meeting. we are live with what else her had to say. >> this mysterious murder left a people in fear and raised a lot of questions tonight. among those seeking answers, the mother of the victim. edge.ds of people are on >> it has been really tough. them, amber's mother. >> i want to wake up. a horrible dream. >> the night of august 22, someone kicked in the door of e home and then went straight bedroom and opened fire, numerous times as she led him bad. this devastated the community and the family. >> this was very disturbing. >> amber was an honor student. of going to harvard. r mother says she knows no one in amber's inner circle who anything like police say they do not know -- a met --lieve this is random killing. lady losing her life. residents want their fear put mother wantsa justice. a community to pull a whoer and ge
. >> senior u.s. officials say al qaeda's no. 2 leader in yemen is dead. they say he was killed in an air strike along with five others. the missile was fired by an unmanned drone. u.s. officials would not incur -- would not confirm any involvement. the death is seen as a major blow to al qaeda. >> on to a developing story where police are looking for a suspect in an attempted sexual assault that happened on friday morning. a woman told police she came home and found a man inside her apartment and he tried to sexually assault her but he fled when he fought back. >> we turn now to the race for the white house and the new numbers in favor of president obama. a new poll shows the president with a decent lead. for the first time, he is ahead and another category as well. let's go to the newsroom to explain the post convention developments. >> let's talk money first. i will be damned. those are the words and the obama campaign they say they refuse to let the romney team met raise more cash. from the's team went to work in a state that could be some of the most coveted ground in pol
forecast as we move through the early evening hours. a few scattered clouds with in the 60's 70's out of the northwest. coming up, we will look at the with a betterok showers by the middle the week. today was certainly picture- for football. after splitting their first games on the road, the redskins cincinnati bengals this morning. atmosphere out there. it certainly was. a gorgeous day, but fanrtunately a lot of with this loss the day. many fans were excited about this home opener. wasven before the game, it redskins pandemonium. every home game. that home opener? what do they do? >> a sea of burgundy and gold, f them with a third on the back. >> more than the other teams. they certainly got a warm welcome. was a challenging first half. >> our defense is getting last two games. we will see. hopefully, today, it will show up. >> there is something different the air according to fans. that these were true believers team and the young quarterback. >> just being there, the way he carries himself, all him.proud of you can certainly hear the love there. hopefully they will try to come in t
>>> tonight on "nightline," americans under siege. another angry assault on a u.s. embassy in the middle east, as demonstrators breach the walls of the u.s. compound in yemen. amid growing protests across the region over a mysterious, inflammatory film that's igniting anti-american fury. >>> as mcdonald's announces it will post calorie counts on menus nationwide and big sodas are banked in restaurants in new york city. we ask, does any of this make a dent on the war on fat? >>> and, eureka! from a peel-free hard boiled egg maker to the next big gym craze, inside the nerve center that transforms wannabe-inventor's big ideas. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 13th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. tonight, it was a day of fury, as violent anti-american protests erupt at u.s. embassies across the arab world. in cairo tonight, clashes with police have turned violent, after hundreds stormed the american compound in yemen earlier today. it's all part of the
>>> this morning, we begin with breaking news. >> anti-u.s. violence in two cities. two americans killed. protesters enraged by an american-made film. their anger, threatening to spread across the arab world. >>> powerful monsoons deluge las vegas, trapping people in their cars. and leaving some clinging to trees. >>> and before you make those vitamins, listen to the new study about fish oils. not the lifesaver they claim to be. >>> and the dog with their own guide dog. they charmed the world months ago. and now, some good news about this very special pair. >>> good morning. i'm john muller. rob nelson's on assignment. >> and i'm paula faris. we begin with new fears about anti-american violence after a deadly attack in libya. >> two state department employees have been killed in an assault on the u.s. consulate. >> abc's tahman bradley has been following the story throughout the night. >> reporter: a controversial film is believed to be igniting violence against u.s. embassies in the arab world. in benghazi, libya, two state employees were killed when a mob set fire to the u.s. co
. looking at temperatures from the degrees atter, 68 national airport. west, already into the 50's. waking up tomorrow morning for heading out to work, plenty of sunshine. the sun will rise at 6:45. temperatures will generally only in the 50's. we will talk about how long the beautiful weather will last and in ournce for rain day outlook. >> new at 11:00, a story boast .roken by our partners a troubling discovery inside a maryland library. could change the way library employees are hired. think a place like library is pretty much like a school. >> this weekend, people were man workedlearn this here for several months after he on child pornography charges last december and indicted a month later. >> i do not know the whole story. our partners show he was charged with 11 counts of of child pornography. asyou have a predator such area and you do not know when the opportunity will itself when he can take advantage of a child. >> i am surprised. he was helpful. was suspended in july, from his work was only after a phone call from a citizen, never to return. d idea to dobe a goo background check
are on standby to defend u.s. citizens. in egypt, protesters clashed with police. two were killed as protesters stormed the gate in the capital city. this was the scene outside the american embassy in london, demonstrations fuelled by the release of an amateur film. protesters say the movie denigrates the prophet muhammed. >> the producer has been identified it 55-year-old egyptian christian living in california who wrote the film while in jail for bank fraud charges. >> " the dick is calling for peace in the middle east and he begins in lebanon. anti-american protests and led the dawn, police opened fire. lebanese authorities have suspended permits a separate government officials bodyguards and there confiding the pope's visit to a central lebanon and northern christian areas. go for the latest on the violence in the middle east. we also have the dates on facebook and twitter. >> sentenced to 30 years he's admitted hot and with agents as part of the nihon -- of an al qaeda plot. he went so far as to put on what he thought was a bomb-laden dust. he received a lesser term under a plea deal. dodg
this morning. it was a cold morning. washington, 53. 40's for folks out in hagerstown. winchester, 30's. the temperatures have recovered a lot. look at the average. 76 degrees. look at the record low, the record low, 39 degrees in the 1960's. some of the showers have come out of the mountains of west virginia on into roanoke. by and large you can see it has been moving out of the mountains. it has been falling apart, you folks around or intent may see a few sprinkles as they go to the evening hours -- warrington may see a few sprinkles as we go through the evening hours. early tomorrow morning i think some of the clouds will be breaking up. look at the early-morning tomorrow, 6:00 in the morning 50's or low 60's. as they go through the day we will get into a southerly wind. look at that warm air. temperatures around washington and fredericksburg, mid-80's. there will be some afternoon and evening showers popping up, but there will be more that would just be plain and cloudy. that will be the story as they go into the weekend. most of the time, will be rain- free. there will be a few pas
it will get. >> temperatures are showing in the 50's and lower 60's across of the area. 56 at dulles. 55 in manassas. in the west, you have a frost advisory. is 44 degrees right now. that advisory extends all the over to western maryland. nothing for the media metro area. will remain quiet and dry for the opening hours. waking up tomorrow, a bit of a chill in the air. upper 30's 2 upper 40's. a quip -- a quick warm-up. the extended outlook is coming up. >> thank you. were finallyers honored today. with thenal interview was the first to report the problem. early tonighted theng ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350. ♪ >> from 2004 to 2008, the militaryemains of is according to an investigation. a cross was placed at the honor the soldiers. amidst the tall finalh says a farewell to her husband. a technician was killed by an iraq in 2006. the remains were discovered .ater after the funeral she learned those remains were disposed with medical waste here this
super doppler. not much more than s towards lexington park and lusby over southern maryland. maybe for another hour or two. will be giving way to sunshine. pleasant autumn temperatures today, 5 degrees below where we year. be for this time of if you don't like that, be warmed bywill the end of the week. today, clearing skies, 63 degrees at 9:00, partly cloudy noon, 71 by 5:00, mostly sunny and nice. we have the next chance of storms not until saturday. we will talk more about that later. first, traffic with jamie. serve on the region, no major g problems inn virginia, maryland, or the district. we have an accident in virginia on the little river turnpike overtopping the beltway. are able to get through. still dealing with clean up from an overturned car. no problems getting into town the 14th street bridge. roosevelt bridge looks good and the anacostia looks fine. 295 passing benning road, no longer any standing water. county andgeorge's avenue closed near mill road, south of the parkway with a police investigation. s good on the maryland beltway. back to you. >> thank you. two pri
. killed, including u.s. ambassador at a former navy seal from massachusetts. he lived his life to the fullest. y brother, but if you he is theirnds, brother as well. the u.s. has warships and surveillance drones adding to libya. actress in the movie who started it all said she was duped. never any mention of muhammed. film was called characterrior and the is called george. the filmmaker change it afterward. tell the world was in you that did it. who wrote the one tired of thee i'm radical muslims. a lot of questions about just o made a 40 minute film. journal named a be is but it appears to several aliases. authorities are bracing for tomorrow. of prayer for day muslims. >> thank you. our continuing coverage of the violence continues. how safe are americans at middle east?the will have a look at that at 6:00. a disturbing discovery at atm inside a local hospital. at the was found hospital's cardiac care unit. concerns there could many victims who don't even their personal information has been stolen. police say people started asplaining about their cards checking their statemen
have hundreds flooded the u.s. embassyde the yelling, burn usa. protesters continued to clash on the streets of cairo where tear-gas was used to control the mob. the most violent video comes out of yemen where police opened to keep crowds back from . embassy where yesterday, protesters got the security gate, windows and destroying security cameras. were those four were killed, apparently had designed the on 9/11. the attack was preplanned, but house had no advance warning. anyhat we were not aware of of intelligence u.s.ating an attack on the was planned or imminent. the report is false. >> the catalyst appears to be film that many say blasphemous and denigrating the profit muhammed. video is blocked in libya. >> our continuing coverage of t violence and how military is handling it at 6:00.continue >> universities are safe after a earliereat evacuation toy. a man with a middle eastern called the university of texas and claimed to have placed the he said that the bonds will go off in 90 minutes. north dakota state university also evacuated. the message says it was bec
, touched off by an inflammatory movie made here in the u.s. >> this is what it looks like at the u.s. embassy in cairo overnight. we've seen demonstrations, throwing stones, molotov cocktails and police fighting back with tear gas. >> and that violence is putting embassies across the middle east, on high alert. the egyptian government is actively monitoring the situation, after a reportedly blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally. but we don't consider them an enemy. >> reporter: in yemen, protesters smashed windows and climbed the walls of the u.s. embassy compound in the capital of sanaa. the anger in the middle east, was sparked by a film that insults the prophet muhammad. >> there is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: the violence began on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks, at the u.s. consulate in libya. that attack left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, state department employee, sean smith, and former
temperature, partly cloudy today and the next few days with highs in the low 90's,. back to you. >> thank you. let's start with the beltway near university boulevard. no delays right now. one lane was getting by. there's a new traffic configuration in the long term work zone. it changed overnight. both sides of the beltway, the long term work zone is now three lanes to the right and one lane to the left on the inner loop at university boulevard and new hampshire. it's just a different pattern starting today. ongoing bbuild work continues. 95 and 395, hov lanes are open all the way from dumphries and to the 14th street bridge. no accidents or incidents. most of the road where it is out of the way. we did have an earlier accident on the inner loop at braddock road that's now gone. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, one person was killed and another wounded during the shooting at a midnight victory rally for the new premier of quebec. >> she was removed from the stage. the shooter is a 50-year-old man. he shouted, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind the building be
more military to help today before visiting the state department to express sympathy. no u.s. ambassador had been killed since 1979. >> how could this happen? how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we help save from destruction? >> ambassador stevena was reportedly -- ambassador stevens was helping others evacuate. it was the 11th's anniversary. >> we apologize to the american people. >> flags around washington were lower, and they were wondering if it was the work of al qaeda. >> our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. make no mistake. justice will be done. >> there are worries of more rioting. they have the afghanistan government access to youtube shutdown. we will hear from officials who do believe that the attack in libya was rightly from al qaeda. that is coming up tonight at 6:00. >> scott thank you. and helping a country and strengthening ties to the u.s. working with democracy was nothing new for christopher stevens. rebecca cooper has more. >> friends and colleagues say that both libyans and americans are mourning th
in the upper- 40's. we are looking at temperatures up quickly cooling down, which is a low but miles south of us. we have an area of low pressure beginning to develop a pair of the cloud cover is keeping the heat closer toward the ground level. that is why it is a little bit warmer outside. across the board quiet and it will remain quiet for the overnight as high pressure slowly moves off the coast. in its place, we're watching not one but two systems. the number one is across missouri and arkansas appeared and a cold front will move into the overnight hours on monday and tuesday. it will bring us more clouds and rain and thunderstorms. and then a shot of much cooler air for the day on wednesday. in the next 48 hours, we will see a mix of sun and clouds. i think we will see more sunshine and clouds brewing temperatures will still remain nice. then clouds will continue to sneak in. to the west of us, look for showers and thunderstorms start to develop. the shenandoah valley could see a few inches of rain. the heaviest rain will be to the west of b.c. -- west of d.c. partly cloudy and coole
in that evening and i was alarmed. >> the suspect is believed to be hispanic and in his late 20s. he has a thin build, short black hair, brown eyes and was wearing blue jeans. one resident is now nervous. >> the i check my surroundings every time i walked out the door and every time i go inside. it is an eerie feeling. >> fairfax county police tell us the suspect was not alarmed. the lead to a victim was not seriously injured. >> more than a dozen people, mostly children, are recovering after a swarm of yellow jackets stun them. that happened at temple emanu-el religious school. 10 staff members were participating wednesday disrupted a hive and ended up getting stung. everyone was taken to hospital with minor injuries but luckily none of them was allergic. >> another strong weekend storm has a number of people cleaning up today. this summer has dealt to major blows. we've got more on the clean up tonight. it is hard to imagine what this family has gone through. workers were supposed to arrive this morning to repair damage that that is on hold because the rest of the roof is damaged
candidates are back on the trail on monday in battleground states. by jonathan alan from politico. s has theleague ha story. abela adsers to mitt romney being frustrated with -- about advisers to mitt romney .eing frustrated >> he has done what? >> for instance, he had a signed the a person to write for the mitteech romney. -- he wrote it himself with somebody else at the last minute. though,is interesting, are of the republicans blame on mitt romney himself. >> he is ultimately responsible for what ever happens. he has that same position on his campaign. things obamathe said in 2008. >> most recently, the way he has everything in libya, egypt. republicans are saying that he stumbled. >> there is always a danger in criticizing us sitting president you look like you're undermining .he president way, it is a position we have seen in the past. that has been a strategy. the long bear this goes on in north africa and across the the longer you have the worseoing on, is for barack obama. if all that comes down quickly, romney, it will be a problem for him. >> thank you for your insigh
through a e.rricad one protester was killed in the attack. the u.s. ambassador to the nations says there's no last week's deadly inault on the u.s. consulate s premeditated. the interim president of libya ,aid the attack was planned that the date of september 11 had been targeted. >> prince harry may have been the target of an attack on a naval base in afghanistan. they say it was aimed at the third in line to the british .hrone he was quickly taken to safety. the attack destroyed several jets, refueling stations, and more. >> lawyers say the british royal will make a craig moe complaint today against the make allher wh complaint against the the nude er who took pictures of prince william's wife. the'french will releaseays it 26 pages of photographs today. >> president obama is on the today with stops cincinnati and columbus, .hio the president is expected to chinese subsidies for automobiles and automobile parts. after romney accused obama of being easy on china and jobs go to that country. the was a small plane crashed at the airport in pueblo, colorado. not wantcampaign did to interfe
the belfort furniture weather center a few showers, but they are well to our north. it is still into the 80's, quite above average, not near the record. we will see it warm up until noon time, i think by lake huron tomorrow afternoon and evening that is when we have a risk of some showers or thundershowers. meanwhile, this is calibrated for all of you leaf lookers. the colors are beginning to change. we will have details about that as well as what is coming our way for the weekend. i will give you a hint. >> thanks a lot. we will see you soon. and you can download the storm watch -- stormwatch app. >> for home sellers, the latest numbers on home sales across the country. >> and the d.c. council chair will tell you when he will face a judge again. >> and more on the family found dead inside the [ female announcer ] dear daughter, welcomeam to america. your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are makinit harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under presid
principal. s been an arrest in the beating an attempted robbery of man in prince george's county. strong beatustin the man with a baseball bat last stop.ay at a bus he is facing a number of attemptedncluding murder. the victim is in stable condition. police have made arrests in connection with a stabbing. stabbed in the face. she was taken to a local hospital for treatment. detectives have arrested two people and they are also witnesses of the attack. a mother is dead and police .elieve she knew her killer the suspect is on the loose. >> the screams of shot heard neighborhood today. >> i do not know why. >> police responded to a call of domestic assault. they found marcello rocio y dead in the stairway of this apartment building. died due to a trauma in her upper body. was a wonderful, .onderful woman >> both children were in the was attacked. she say the common-law husband, martire puente-fulcar, is the suspect. detectives have obtained an for first degree murder. >> i do not know his whereabouts. not do >> the couple has lived in this neighborhood for years. a lot of the people w
as controversy one person posted on clint eastwood's speech.e t us in the u.s. will to wait a few more hours for the release of the iphone 5. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. we have made it to friday. morning, washington. is september 21. i'm kendis gibson. i am pamela brown. let's get a check on the weather jeras.cqui looks like we are in store for a friday. >> you are looking at the best of thethe week in terms weather. it's going to be absolutely beautiful. be warmeres will today. high temperatures around 80. were hoping it would weekend,ugh the saturdayorms possible afternoon and saturday night. cooldown to end the weekend. skies but now, 60 n national, 53 at dulles, 52 in petersburg. mostly sunny and 65 at 9:00, pleasant and 72 by noon, 79 by 5:00. picture-perfect again today. let's look at traffic. >> its picture perfect. then we will get the volume. better on 95 virginia between fredericksburg and route 7 team, upy have wrapped construction in each direction. the lingering volume is starting to ease
. president obama called the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya >> the president's comments come after mitt romney told abc news that he could not imagine saying like something like the assassination of the ambassadors is a bump in the road. stay with abc 7 news, we will have complete coverage on the race for president. you can always go to and follow our facebook and twitter sites as well. >> many of you may have just watched the season premiere of dancing with the stars. >> will tell you why pamela anderson andis making headlines for what she is not doing off the dance floor. >> hundreds, possibly thousands of birds are using a school as a motel. >> a chilly ♪ ♪ i'd like to thank eating right whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios [ female announcer ] get creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in multi-grain cheerios
is the top-ranked junior tennis player in the u.s. but why did the governing body tell her she was too out of shape to play? she speaks out this morning. >>> and going gangnam. it's the dance craze now sweeping america. but how did this silly horse riding gig get these guys hired? >>> good morning, everybody. the three of us are trying to imagine a world in which we could will our limbs into doing this dance, gangnam style. it's a korean import, taking the country by storm. now, 14 people have been fired as a result of this dance. we'll tell you why, coming up. >> i'm not going to attempt to do that dance. >>> not too many are dancing after yesterday's jobs report. we may be at a critical point in the election. the job numbers two months go before election day. will this slow any of the momentum the president may get out of his convention. only 96,000 jobs. >> not good news for the economy. not good news for the president. >>> a frantic scramble with a fatal virus lurking in yosemite national park. a third person has just died. and now, tens of thousands of tourists who visited are being w
and online at anti-u.s. protests in the as people target more than embassies. >> apparently, they are easily identifying american institutions, including fast- food restaurants. >> we just got word from the white house moments ago that president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton will be at joint space andrews this afternoon when the bodies of the four americans killed in libya are returned to american soil. in the meantime, news of even more unrest worldwide as protesters have set fire to cars parked at the embassy in tunisia. >> this afternoon, protesters have continued to take to the streets in several countries including pakistan yemen indonesia, sudan and iraq. the outrage across the middle east sparked by an anti-muslim film made in the u.s. that mocked the profit muhammed. the everywhere, and now several prominent religious leaders are asking moslems worldwide to remain calm, despite their anger over the film. in libya the parliamentary precedents -- president said he regrets that four americans were killed in an attack. the victims have been identified as u
to be with you on this tuesday. let's say hello to adam caskey. >> temperatures are in the 40's across a good part of the abc 7 viewing area. e-6 in gaithersburg and winchester and frederick. 59 at reagan national, 48 in manassas. 45 in cumberland. 43 in elkins. -- 46 in gaithersburg. you can open the windows later on. highs in the mid to upper 70's. total sunshine. bright sunshine for the rest of the workweek. to mid '80s on wednesday and thursday, but it will not be very humid. next chance of rain on the weekend, maybe late saturday. steve? >> a look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue. there was overnight roadwork. things are moving smoothly on the inner loop. light volume. kenilworth avenue, there's still some work, but no delay. 95 northbound, some flashing lights and some roadwork in the fredericksburg area and they are picking up northbound and southbound. a brief delay. that's in the process of being picked up. should be gone soon. near the dulles toll road, that looks good with no problems. back to you. >> thank you. 4:31. a search is under way for someone to attack the teenage gi
in cumberland. feels a similar all across of theion because humidity. upper 80s in the today. breaks in the clouds. brady's locally, mid 80's town with a better chance of a few downpours along west of the blue ridge and in the potomac highlands. and 74 inahoma city boston. will talk more about the rain chances and flash flooding potential, coming up. a northwest washington is all heard again today. in bloomingdale's and other neighborhood cleaning up basementagging their after sunday night's's storms. many are blaming the district of the drainage system for the backups. a council member has proposed p a relief fund to help those residents. 16 months after the u.s. raid that killed osama authorized -- an unauthorized book is. hitting bookstore is the author never saw the of the pentagon or the cia. brianne carter joins us with what this might mean. this book was originally supposed to be released on september 11. o many details it to the about was moved up to wasy -- their release date moved up. the pentagon decided to take action. in.hat you ordered has come >> the book with so much
temperatures around 80. but compared to wednesday about 10 degrees cooler. nighttime lows in the 50s. lower 60s. tomorrow increasing clouds. a few showers late in the day around 80 degrees. here's the extended outlook calling for temperatures in the lower 70s on wednesday and thursday. friday looking great with lots of sunshine. a few clouds moving into saturday. but tonight for those who may be heading out for services it's going to be dry and quiet for tonight. >> great. >> get to celebrate the new year in style. >> thanks so much. coming up, this video you're about to take a look is of a speeding cop. >> and remember the occupy wall street protest? the buzz has died down but today they are celebrating. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... tevote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resorort casino. four thousand permanent jobs paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blac
is back. >> low 90's this afternoon. but big changes in terms of temperatures on the way. let's start with live super doppler 7 radar. notice areas of light rain royal downfrom front towards lire, crossing over the blue ridge towards rappahannock county. 79 in washington, 75 at dulles airport, 73 in gaithersburg. 92 this afternoon, becoming sunny by midday. we cannot rule out an isolated showers later on this evening. . now to now to angela foster. >> no early incidents to report. cleared most of the overnight construction. those making the drive through a live's should be easy from 95 to lanes open northbound and southbound. between the beltway and the 14th street bridge, it's open. 0 in maryland threw 118, looks pretty good. down towards the capital not have anyshould early distractions this morning. back to you. >> thank you. the democratic national a closeion comes to obamat with president g his party's presidential nomination. >> the second night featured clinton.esident bill now the highlights. >> i want barack obama to be the next president. >> the most recent
with faster wireless networks in the u.s. and overseas. apple stock closed up yesterday, nearly $670 a share. >> off in chicago, the teachers strike is grinding on leaving 350,000 students out of the classroom for a fourth consecutive day. the school district said it has presented the union with a proposal, and its negotiators are demanding a response or counter proposal. the head of the teachers union said it will take some team to work things out. they're still, miles apart. a lot of the teachers, they're dealing with public perception. the polls still, still show support from the parents for the teachers, but they're going to start running out of money. keep in mind they're not getting paid. a little stipend. fed ration of teachers offering low interest loans to chicago teachers who might need money to make it through the strike. they're struggling financially. >> tidbit. longest teachers streak in the history of chicago, 19 days in 1987. >> not the loppingest teacher streak on record nationwide. '68, new york was 36 days. >> my goodness. you know who suffers, the kids. come on, negotiate
. >> it is a hazy sky out there too, in our belfort furniture weather center. only in the mid 60's, 57 in culpepper, but look at the temperatures now, into the mid- and's, he than 85 degrees for you folks and fredericksburg -- into the mid 80's even 85 degrees for you folks in fredericksburg paint these showers i think will stay to our north. -- in fredericksburg. these showers, i think, will stay to our north. north. there maybe some showers in enclosed to us by late in the afternoon. i will have all of the details in a few minutes. >> see you soon. the washington monument remains closed after the earthquake damage. brianne carter is live with the story. >> we have gotten used to the new look of the washington monument after the earthquakes one year ago and they are getting ready to put up scaffolding and begin repairs. this downtown landmark remains cracked and closed. some have wanted to go inside during their trip to the nation's capital. >> we have obviously, long way from australia to have a look. -- we have obviously come a long way. >> they hope to have it back open as soon as possible. th
faris. we begin with the latest u.s. response to those deadly attacks on americans. a navy destroyer is now in the waters off the libyan coast. a second warship is due there shortly. and 50 elite marines head to tripoli where they will shore up security around the u.s. embassy. >> president obama vows that justice will be done. and flags are being flown at half-staff in memory of those who died. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: with cities across the arab world tense, and facing violent anti-american demonstrations, u.s. navy forces have moved two missile destroyers to the coast of libya. there was a second night of unrest in egypt. protesters took to the streets, angry over an anti-muslim film. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to keep a crowd away from the u.s. embassy in cairo. on the streets of benghazi, libya, a different picture. hundreds of demonstrators rallied in support of america. they said the attack by on the consulate was carried out by a rogue group of militants. four americans were killed, including the ambassador to libya, chris stevens, a
in the upper 70's humidity. open the windows and let in the fresh air, especially this morning. chris and refreshing. will this last? that's coming up. now to angela. not much to report in terms of incidents. annapolisht crash in be out of the way. 450 at 50. you may see residual investigation, but all lanes are and moving without delay. off to a great start for the most part. e beltway at new hampshire the overnight work zone only one we had active morning. lanes are open. the new traffic pattern over and branch, just a brief slowdown. traveling in to springfield, no delays. 95, the work zone 17.ed at moving pretty well from 17 all the way past the occoquan heading into springfield. back to you. >> thank you. today in prince george's county the community will get an on the search for whoever senior >> .h school stanley wasamber shot to death in her bedroom two weeks ago in kettering. gonzalez joins us from upper marlborough with more. >> weeks later, this community still in shock. prince george's county police holding this meeting r a number ofswe questions, if they can, related murd
new details on just how close he got. >>> breaking this morning -- four u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan, as we learn new details the brazen and deadly attack on that u.s. housing prince harry, was he the target? and is he putting other soldiers at risk? >>> gorillas in her midst. the astonishing video going viral this morning. the animal activist who let his 18-month-old toddler play with this 300-pound gorilla. how does this father justify it? >>> and he's being called the hottest man in the world, brace yourself, ladies, he's here. the world's top male model. the face that launched a thousand ad campaigns. he joins us live this morning. are you ready for this? >>> it is cool outside this morning in new york city, but the temperature is rising here in the studio. check this out. we have who's called theottest man in the world, this morning, and this is what happened back in the makeup room moments ago. >> you mind if i get a red bull? >> sure. >> thank you. >> all of the ladies here at "good morning america" dressing to the nines this morning. and, ginger, you got to sp
.c. this morning. we have warned very quickly time and we're at 60's and 70's across the region. a i will be around 76 degrees today. -- a the high will be around 76 degrees and the trouble forecast shows we are cooler across the northeast but look at that keep the nation's midsection. we will let you know if it will have our way coming up next. it baltimore county teenager home after she was shot in a school cafeteria. the 15-year-old was released hospital after spending two weeks recovering. the person who shot him did not target the victim. the perpetrator will have a hearing thursday. >> police in the wheaton are searching for a man who attacked girl with a taser in broad daylight. happened yesterday afternoon the georgia avenue corridor. the manchester with a taser in to grab her cell phone. >> be careful in broad daylight. everyone should be careful. not seriouslywas hurt. the electronic shock devices are banned in some states. in montgomery county, it is legal for an adult to purchase one. virginia loudoun county sheriff's office say it 3-year- died after falling from window in his home. thi
the sunny sunday, s visitorsod changed a heard the news. we came up to the pan that about thehey told us all felt bad about it. that is that. we came up to the panda area and they told us about the baby. you want your babies to be as they come out. hopefully she will be able to have another one. right now officials are is ok sure the mother physically and a version the lead. they are trying to determine the baby to die. in the meantime, the panda house is closed. e zoo is in a very is in a sense of loss. very emotional and diving. -- and sadening. the younger brother of killed overnight motorcycle accident. kevin jones died after his crashed into a pole in westmoreland county, northeastern virginia. unclear whether or not buth would play tonight, he has takenarned the field to warm up with his team. is not clear if he will be play against the patriots. that is up to the coaches. a virginia woman is behind accused of abandoning her younger daughter in the woods. authorities say she let her daughter in a swampy area. s only three days-one week was found by a person walking in the woods. she is
, we have as over here. at least to get along today? i do not know. s fan, you know e excuse when you play the redskins that the you.ees cheated >> we are going to beat them square. ofwhat about the credibility the leak itself? the referees will get about a 4% raise of a new salar of season. a hire newhe power to if the old ones are underperforming. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. onrrey smith expected back the field tonight. comes after his younger brother was killed in a crash.cle day he decided to play game against the patriots. made six catches. and had two touchdowns. is saturday.was saturday noon -- skeletal remains in stafford county. the woman that has been years. for six they say katherine bryant's of 95 last found off month. was reported missing back in by family members. foul play is suspected. d.c. police have made three arrests in the beating last month. tommy branch, michael moore, and a 17-year-old mail all face charges. say the three also attacked that night, apparently fromg to get cell phones each victim. no other attacks as severe as maslin's. still trying to come to gri
in this weekend's plane crash -- they father and son. >> the national transportation s investigating the plane crash that killed john morton and his 13-year-old son. investigators are at the scene crash were the wreckage was just removed. this is still a very active seen. picking thes are apart piece by piece. this was a horrific crash, but been worse. it landed just yards from this mobile home. questions tonight as to why this happened. downed plane is now cut into pieces. are moving the wreckage elsewhere in hopes of what caused this deadly crash. >> it's horrible. i can't believe it. the 48-year-old man and his when the single- engine cessna crashed. kevin morgan was just arriving home. we pulled the door out and can and triedl we check for signs. >> neighbors say he was an military commercial mechanic and conducting takeoffs at the nearby his son on board. i don't know if the boy was orarn how to pilot doing or what. looking at all of the surfaces, power plants, engines, anything we can collect. many here saw an unusual flight pattern and suspect engine failure. it went up in the air steep
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